Live Oak Middle School Office Building


We encourage Grizzlies to get involved in school activities. Participation in these programs promotes camaraderie, ignites school spirit, and forges friendships.

After-School Sports

The Tulare City School District offers a competitive after school sports program for middle school students in the 7th and 8th grades. Teams participate in the Tulare Athletic Conference (TAC 5), which is affiliated with the Whitney League consisting of schools from Exeter, Farmersville, Lindsay, Porterville, and Woodlake. Students have the opportunity to participate in the following sports: boys flag football, girls volleyball, boys and girls soccer, boys and girls basketball, and track and field. We select students who try-out for teams based on their ability, attitude, attendance, and character. Students must also have a G.P.A. of 2.0 or higher to be eligible to play. Practices and games are Monday through Thursday from 3:45 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.


Education Equity Program

The California Department of Education recently issued the 2015-2016 Education Equity program instrument (Guidance), which is used to monitor a local educational agency's (LEA) compliance with laws on equity in the treatment of students. A major purpose behind the bill is to make it easier to monitor and enforce Title IX and state requirements for gender equity in public school athletics. 

We are required to post (1) total school enrollment, classified by gender; (2) total number of students who participate in athletics, classified by gender; and (3) total number of school athletic teams, classified by gender, sport, and competition level. (Source: Lozano Smith, Attorneys at Law)

We invite you to view our school’s education equity numbers.

Extracurricular Activities

  • Every Wednesday – UFG Shirt Day
  • Every Thursday – College/AVID Shirt Day
  • Every Friday – Live Oak Spirit Day

Community Involvement

The Grizzlies are committed to assisting individuals and charitable organizations throughout our community. Please see below to see how we stay actively involved in our community:

Coins for Caring
Each year Live Oak students participate in a coin drive to benefit Tulare Lighthouse Rescue Mission, a charity providing services to women and children in our area. Our school community is able to raise several hundred dollars annually to benefit this worthy cause. 

United for Good 
United for Good is a joint effort of middle schools across the district to raise money for a deserving cause. This year, students raised money through t-shirt sales to purchase computers for students in South Sudan. These computers help support the education of deserving kids in our global community. 

Kids Day
Live Oak students, along with student volunteers across the valley, wake up early every year on a designated Kids Day. On this special day, our students man busy intersections across town to sell a special edition of the Fresno Bee newspaper with all the proceeds going to benefit Valley Children’s Hospital. Through the years, several Live Oak families have been the benefactors of services at Valley Children’s Hospital and have come to speak to our students about the importance of this cause.  

Student Council

Student council provides our students with opportunities to develop leadership skills. They organize and carry out school activities, represent the voice of the students, and contribute to school spirit. We are proud of our student council volunteers.